Looking out, looking in

Cyclamen and WindowCelia bought the plant for me last Valentine’s Day.

She had to tell me it was a cyclamen.  I’d never seen one before.

“The flowers are inside-out,” I told her.  “It’s a backwards plant.  It’s always looking backward.  I don’t need a plant that looks at the past.”

“You’re wrong, Mom,” she said.  “The flowers are inside-out.  If anything, they’re looking upside-down, not backwards.”

She set the plant on the window sill.

“Maybe you should start looking at things upside-down,” she said.

I shrugged.

Author note:  I started this story with a prompt about “outsiders looking in.”  I wanted an image of a window where you’re looking out – not in – and this photo with a cyclamen plant caught my eye.  Mothers and daughters are always a rich vein of conflict to delve into.

2 thoughts on “Looking out, looking in

    1. Sarah, thank you for your very kind comment. It’s interesting that you’ve experienced writing turn-around as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Best, Theresa


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