Caution – Wet Surface

Water drop on CD

They raced.

Along the edge of the bubble, light slashed into red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet.

Water popped, slid and sprang around them as they rushed into the night.

About this post:  Today’s Daily Prompt is about seven colors of the rainbow.  The colors said “speed” to me.

Zero to Hero updateDay 6 of the Zero to Hero blog improvement challenge invites us to add an unfamiliar element – e.g., a video, etc. – to our post.

I’d like to share a video of my most recent favorite TED talk.   Jennifer 8. Lee  – that’s her real byline as a reporter for the New York Times – gives this very entertaining talk on the nature of Chinese food in America.   She took photos of General Tso’s Chicken to General Tso’s village in China and the dish was completely unknown to his descendents, she gave fortune cookies to Chinese individuals and they were completely mystified by them, etc.  Worth a look! 

What do you think?

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