What I would like to say

The Truth Shall Make You FreeCan I be honest?

What I would like to say is that you’ve never been there for me.  I needed you when my mother died, when I lost my job, when I was evicted from my apartment.  I needed you when I couldn’t stop crying for three weeks.  I needed you when I thought I could see no future.

But you had your wife.  You had your career.  You had your expensive home in Vail and your three kids in college and your position on the Board of Trustees for the Met.

I was just the twenty-something NYU writing student, someone who “had promise, if only she would develop it,” according to your notes on my manuscript.

About this post:  This image for this post is a page from the Bible referring to truth.  I wanted to focus this post on “honesty”:  I was thinking of what you might want to say to someone when you decide to speak the absolute truth – even if you sounded weak or pathetic in saying it, even if you wouldn’t want to stay in a relationship with the person you were speaking it to.  It makes me wonder: what is the story behind this speech?

What do you think?

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