A look ahead at 2014

Magic book with bright light coming from its open pages2014 Update

Hello! and welcome to 2014 at TJ Barker.

Over the past few months I’ve posted snippets of fiction, poetry and character sketches as part of PostADay 2013.  My purpose in starting this blog was to experiment in new directions with very short pieces, and to inspire and inform my own and others’ work.

I’m delighted to have WordPress.com’s “The Daily Post” intriguing and imaginative prompts, which also connect me to the larger Daily Post community of bloggers – a warm and lively community of writers, thinkers and artists.

Looking back, I am grateful for the great variety of ideas and thoughts from WordPress.com and other bloggers to jump-start my writing.

Looking forward, I’m excited about tackling new prompts, bringing even more small drama and poetry to life, and reaching out in new ways to my WordPress blogging collaborators.

Join me for the magic in 2014!

– tjbarker, aka Theresa J. Barker, novelist


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