The quest of Jesse

Rich-wealthJesse was a first generation bot.  An efficient handler of packages was especially in demand in the winter holiday season – UPS, FedEx, and even the U.S. Postal Service couldn’t wait to get their hands on a bot when Jesse was new.  He bustled, organized, stacked, shrink-wrapped and shipped, all at optimal speed with top efficiency.

Jesse liked his work.  He gained satisfaction from completing the tasks in his queue, and you could say he was proud of being among the first to do well in the new flexible autonomous bot world in which he was employed, as proud as a bot intelligence could be.

All too soon the next generation of bots came into being.  Jesse was able to stay in the game for some time, thanks to backdated system upgrades that emulated the features of the next generation of bots.  But eventually his generation was retired from service and put out for possible re-employment in far-away location.

That’s when Jesse found his expertise was needed in an unexpected location:  The North Pole.

Elves were just as much in need of packing and shipping expertise as any of the traditional freight services.

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