When Taran went away to camp

CherishingTaran and Ilysa lived next door to each other.

When Taran went away to camp that summer, Ilysa tried not to be lonely.  She went to the library every day and found books to read.  She read about exotic places, like Mongolia and Uzbekistan.  She read biographies of famous travelers, like Amelia Earhart and Ernest Stapleton.  At night she watched the stars and thought about how Taran might be watching the same stars when he was at camp.

About halfway through the summer, Ilysa’s grandmother died.  Her whole family went to the funeral in western Pennsylvania.  It was hot.  For a week she couldn’t go to the library and find new books to read.  It was horrible; each day seemed to drag despite the family events around her grandmother’s funeral.  She felt bored and she felt lonely.

At the end of the week Illysa stepped out of time and traveled forward to the end of the summer, where she was not lonely and she was not bored.  Taran was home from camp, and he was glad to see her again.

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