I bought it on eBay

Playback control

Joel invented his time travel machine using a remote control.  It gave him a chance to put his research in Electronic and Electrical Engineering to good use.  He tapped into the latest knowledge in quantum physics from a colleague at his college.

Assistant professors didn’t make a lot of money, but Joel figured he’d be able to make a tidy bonus in traveling back in time and making strategic purchases on the stock market.  This was a not-uncommon goal for time travelers everywhere.

The problem was in calibration.  While it might have been possible to travel in time, picking an exact interval in which to travel was rather more problematic.  Joel had selected the remote control for his unit because the laws of physics made time “jumps” difficult – time “surfing” was more the mode you needed.

Eventually, Joel decided to make his fortune selling the devices one at a time on eBay.  It gained quite a cult following.


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