Is there enough time?


They got to the tunnel by 3:00.  Not knowing if it was too late, Josh and Maria glanced around. They were alone.

Maria checked the instructions on her iPhone.  She read:

Enter the 13th Street subway station (closed 1984).  Take the long tunnel to the end.  Time travel will commence upon reaching the end of the tunnel.

They looked down the long tunnel.  “Well, this is it,” Josh said.

“Yeah.  Looks pretty ordinary.” Maria said.

Josh snorted, but his voice was tentative.  “We didn’t come all this way to chicken out now.  You up for it?”

it was the only way to find her father.  Maria nodded.  “Let’s run.”

They reached the end of the tunnel just at 3:03.  Then they were gone.

What do you think?

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