It’s only a game

Competition word dictionary termPoker is your game.  You’ve been practicing twice a week with the guys and you’ve even gone out to the Red Dragon Casino on Highway 99 a couple of times to get in on a couple of games.  You didn’t do as well as you might have hoped at the casino, but well enough.  You’re ready to try the Real Thing, the Vegas casinos.

You get a flight to Vegas in the holiday season, figuring it’ll be more busy then.  More people, more opportunities, not just the high rollers.

You check into your room.  Good view of the strip.  You head down to the game floor.

You start with the $5 seven-card stud.  The first couple of hands go okay, not like you’d hoped, but you figure you’re learning a lot.

A little while later you decide to try the $25 table.  Just for kicks.  What’s the worst that can happen?

In an hour you’re tapped out.

On the way out you pick up a flyer on the complimentary poker lessons.

What do you think?

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