Your fortune here

Fortune cookie

Mario took the last fortune cookie.  His friends had already opened theirs and were reading the fortunes, but he put his cookie in his pocket.

It was bad luck to take the last fortune cookie, he knew.  They finished reading theirs out loud and started pestering him to read his.

“No, no, it’s bad luck,” he said.

“Come on,” they said.  “Don’t hold out on us.”

Still he refused.

“You’ll give us bad fortune if you don’t open it,” said one.  Then the others all joined in.  They made up the rules as they went, like always.

Mario held steadfast against the barrage of taunting comments from his friends.  They walked outside and headed down Sixth toward the Amazon offices where they worked.

“See you back there,” he said.  He ducked into Uwajimaya’s, the Japanese-style grocery store on the corner.

When he opened the cookie, it said, “Make a wise choice every day.”

He bought an orange juice box and headed back to work.

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