Night Class

Chalk drawing - "Order  now" word on the chalkboard

When we came into the classroom Thursday night the instructor was already there.  Mr. Michaels was sitting behind the desk at the front of the room.  The assignment was already written on the chalkboard, which was unusual.  Some of us, who hadn’t done the homework this week, groaned.  Mr. Michaels gave us a look before he told us to sit down.

We thought something was up.  Mr. Michaels never put the assignment on the board before the class.

“I have an announcement to make,” he said, after the bell rang.  “This is my last class.  Starting next week there will be another teaching substituting for me for the rest of the term.  You can turn out in your homework now, if you brought it with you.  Otherwise bring it next week and give it to Mr. Templeton, who will be here in my place.”

We sat there.  Nobody said a word.  I guess we were in shock. Those of us how hadn’t done the homework were just figuring out that they seemed to have an extra week to turn it in, and were secretly happy.

“That will be all for today.  Class is dismissed,” Mr. Michaels said.  His voice was tired; we all heard it.  The classroom was silent.

We almost forgot to copy down the assignment.

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