You work hard

Homage-respectYou work hard so you can have a better life.  You learn a trade, since that’s something you can always do and be paid for.  All those early mornings and late evenings make long days.  It’s worth it, you think.  You’re investing in your future and it will pay off.  You finish your training.  Elation.  When you start to work they make sly remarks, little cuts, about how you’ll never make the grade.  You hold your chin up, steel yourself against their mocking eyes.  You do your job.  You do it really well and as time goes by you become the best at your job.  You can tell, since they start to ask for you to be on the job.  You are reliable, you always finish the work and it is well-done.  All you want is to gain a little respect – no, a lot of respect.

What do you think?

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