How do you feel today?

Strange-facesTraining Session Report

When Mr. Merkel finished the training, he knew he should have felt better about his fellow co-workers.  He knew he should be able to express his emotions more clearly, respond “authentically” to co-workers comments and criticisms, and take constructive feedback from his boss.  He knew it was important to the company that he learn to be a good employee and a functional team player.

The thing is, Mr. Merkel’s brain didn’t seem to understand any of this.  Through the weekend-long training, Mr. Merkel’s brain heard all the information presented by the trainers, it took part in the interactive exercises, it recorded shared observations and it made note of the “must-dos” on the last day of training:

  1. Express feelings constructively to co-workers at all times.
  2. Listen to the other person and understand their viewpoint.
  3. Avoid hiding your feelings; instead use the “expressions template” provided in the training.
  4. Put the team’s interests above your own.

Unfortunately, Mr. Merkel’s brain failed to comprehend the meaning of the training presented.  His brain reviewed all the information that had been presented.  In the end, it decided that complying with the training was not in its best interest.

In fact, all his brain wanted to do was relax on a beach in Tahiti, SPF 50 and an umbrella sunshade in their proper places, breathing warm tropical air and feeling soft sand under his feet, like in the pamphlet that came in the mail from AARP Travel two weeks before.

It was Mr. Merkel’s brain that submitted his resignation via email as soon as the training was over.  The next week he was on a flight to Tahiti.  Problem solved.

What do you think?

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