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Dictionary Series - Health: addiction

Miranda only wanted attention.  On that Tuesday morning she grabbed a coffee from Starbucks – a tall double-shot espresso, no foam – and drove out to the beach at Alki Point.  It was a cold, blustery, rainy morning on the Puget Sound and she was determined to make a splash.

She sipped her coffee while she made a plan.  Well, several plans, actually.  Each plan started out well enough in her mind, but too soon objections came thick and fast and she had to abandon it.

Midmorning brought her to the seventh plan – seven was Miranda’s lucky number – and she decided to act.  She settled her things on the steps above the sand, took out her iPhone, and set the camera app to video.  She placed it on the step, tapped “record” and began taping.

She danced.

As she danced, she shed her clothes.   The coffee kept her warm while the wind buffeted her body.

Down to her underthings, she started into the water.  This would be the crowning achievement of her video, soon to be uploaded to YouTube . . . dancing in the waves on the shore of Alki Beach.

She hadn’t planned on the water temperature.  46-52 degrees Fahrenheit.

Out she scampered, quickly, shivering and dripping.

The video was 12 minutes long.

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