Shipping carton

box openedSharla gave me a box to ship it in.

At first, I thought the box was too small.  But the item wasn’t as large as I expected.

Then I was afraid the box was too big.  But with enough packing material it wouldn’t matter.

The packing material was strange.  It was goat cheese and graham crackers and gummy bears and garbanzo beans.

Still, it was what Sharla gave me.  So I used it.

It reminded me of when I first met Sharla.  We met when I came into the Mailboxes Etc. where she worked.  I had to send some shoes back to Amazon. Sharla was working behind the counter.  She looked so clean in her red-and-blue uniform.  I thought I would always be organized if she were in my life.

I asked Sharla about the strange packing material.  She said, “It’s no stranger than what you’re shipping, Alonso!”  I had to agree.  It was a care package to my twin brother, who lived in Minneapolis.  I had rock candy and licorice twists and vegetables from my CSA – Vincent was such a vegetable nut.

It went out on the 5:00 FedEx pickup.  Sharla put it in the truck herself.

What do you think?

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