Puppy Love

Puppy on ottoman

You found the puppy online.  You are in the habit of perusing online adoption websites ever since your cousin Samantha found that cute Chihuahua-Dachshund last summer on the Internet.  She named her puppy “Molly” and she carries her everywhere in her Gucci handbag.  You were looking for a puppy like that.

But this puppy caught your eye instead.  You didn’t really want a large dog, you don’t really have room for it, you’d have to get your landlord’s okay to keep the dog.  Still.  You can see something in the dog’s eyes that connect with you.  You can see loneliness.

You have to admit that since Jonathan left last month you have been lonely.  You’re all the way across the country from your family in New England, you moved here to take that new job so you could be with Jonathan, and he broke up with you, the month after you arrived.  The cur.

Not the puppy, who is sweet and sensitive and keeps you company.  He’s even housebroken.


What do you think?

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