Status Report



Observer name:  AR-31, locally known as “Tad”

Observing location:  Planet Earth

Cultural notes:

  • Humanoid inhabitants are divided into two meta-genders, generally referred to as “female” and “male”; additional variations among gender have been noted, but not universally recognized throughout the species.
  • Pigmentation variations are highly digressive, in many places pigmentation is a source of elitism and cultural class differentiation.
  • Antagonism-aggression is the primary default attitude toward  unfamiliar phenomena, including extraterrestrial planetary observation activity.

Technical notes:

  • Fossil fuels primary source of energy; approximately 75% depleted planetary resource.
  • Humanoid population approximately 6 billion individuals; expected to reach 12 billion in 54 years at current rate of growth.
  • Estimated elimination rate of non-humanoid species at a dozen per solar day.

Recommendation:  extra-planetary colonization of target Planet Earth by extra-solar population viable in approximately 30-50 solar years.


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