Leadership 101

New Internet Order

Amelia was late for the team meeting.  When she arrived Mark had already filled the white board with a sprawling diagram.  She couldn’t quite make it out; she slid into a seat at the side of the room, tried to blend in.

And so, Mark was saying, each of us has to be a leader.  If we’re going to make a difference in the marketplace, we can’t afford to be complacent.

More contextual BSing, Amelia thought.  I could have slept in.

This is the time to drive change forward, Mark was saying.  Amelia looked around.  All her colleagues on the team looked like they were on board.

Starting next week, we’ll have new measurables for everyone.  Watch for the email from your supervisors.  Mark was definitely in his element.

But, Amelia decided, she was not in her element.  She hadn’t been in her element since the second week at Strand and Verbose, Creative Agency.

She looked out the window.  A fine autumn day.  Sun shining – and for Seattle, that was something to be celebrated.

She looked back at Mark.  He had that smug I-am-so-right-about-everything look. 

“Well,” she said, standing up, “that’s it for me.”

Mark looked at her sharply.  She felt her colleagues watching her, tasted the sudden tension in the air.

“I’m not a leader, Mark,” Amelia said.  “I’m a follower.  Much better odds that way.  Leaders are the first to take a critical hit.”

Stepping to the door, hand on the knob, she said, “So long!”

it was quiet as she cleaned out her cubicle.


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