Channel Your Inner Poet

Reading Material

Andrew faced the five doors before him.  Which one?  He clutched his briefcase tighter.

He had to make a choice.


If only they’d told him more at the office about what to do.  If only his boss were more forthcoming.  There must be a way to decide – if only he knew the secret.

He studied the doors.  They looked alike except for color.

He listened.  Nothing.

If only he’d been more prepared by his courses in business school.  Andrew racked his brain.  Did his faculty adviser mention anything like this?  Did he read anything in Econ, in Business Communication, in Marketing?

Time was up.  He had to make a choice.

His brain gave him Emily Dickinson’s words.

Fortune befriends the bold. – Emily Dickinson, Freshman Composition, Professor Campbell.

He chose the Red Door.  At least he would be bold.  He turned the knob, opened the door and stepped through.

Say hello to the new Vice-President of Global Branding:  Andrew.

What do you think?

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