The King’s Wife

symetric door handles
Fearful Symmetry

I knew that by opening those doors my life would be changed forever.

Behind the doors my husband stood with his advisors and his military men.

Poised on the brink of war.

As his wife, I was only the queen consort.  I had little power in this realm.  Not like in my father’s land, where the queen was an equal to the king.

Still, I could not turn away.  I could be killed instantly by law if I opened those doors and walked through.  It was against better judgment to do so.

Nevertheless it was the only way to save the kingdom.  To save the people whom I had come to love since I become queen consort five years before.

To save my unborn child from dishonor and disgrace.

I had been to the future.  I knew this war must not take place.

All this was a secret from my husband.  Yet it was time for me to act.

I opened the doors.  I stepped into the room.

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