Coffee Date

A Bend in Time


This morning you waited in line for coffee.  At the Starbucks in the Columbia Tower.  The one on the bottom floor (4th and Cherry), not the one on the 40th floor.  It’s been there since 1986.  Store No. 101, a Howard Shultz Concept Store, or so you’ve been told.

The man in front of you ordered an Americano.  The woman behind you ordered an Americano.

As you were leaving the store, you ran into Jeremy.  You both used to work at Gecko in Pioneer Square, a now-defunct creative agency.

He asked you out.  You tried not to blush, blushed anyway, and blurted out, “I’ve always had a crush on you!”

He’s going out with you anyway.  You’re going to hear jazz at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard next week.

Way to go, girl!

What do you think?

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