Not fair

Every day Lawrence passed by the “Fraternité” building on his way to work.  The corner of the building had a large granite block that displayed the national motto of France.  He had named it the “Fraternité” building in his mind after the eye-level word.

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

Lawrence thought of himself as a fair person.  He tried to make sure that everyone in the office was treated fairly, even though his job as Human Resources Manager was more of a glorified earpiece than actually managing human resources.  Human resources?  He sometimes wondered on the subway if resource (“a stock or supply of money, materials or staff”) could really apply to humans (“a person, as distinguished from an animal or an alien”).

Lawrence found it comforting to think of things in terms of definitions.  Precision was a cozy state for Lawrence.

But people were anything but precise.  In his job he was reminded of that fact every day.  People were imprecise.  They were approximate.  They talked about their feelings and little annoyances by co-workers and the promotions they hoped for.  Lawrence always listened.

There was little he could do to help.  But at least he was fair.

What do you think?

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