Mistaken Identity


You made a mistake.  You married the wrong person, that’s all.  It was an accident, an unintended error. A simple mistake.

You married the person who was financially stable, a good provider, calm in times of crisis, dependable and solid.  You didn’t quite realize at the time that “solid” meant sitting around nights watching the carpet age.  That a a hot date with “dependable” was going over last year’s tax return.  That going to sporting events with “calm in times of crisis” meant a complete lack of emotion in the face of game-saving field goals.

What to do now?  Like with any mistake, there must be a way to rectify it.   You need a redo. You need the Undo command. Ctrl-Z in the world of Microsoft Windows.

But that’s where you make your second mistake.  You share this plan with the person you married.  “How about a tiny divorce,” you say.  “A micro separation.  You see, I just realized I married the wrong person.”

You pay for that comment.  The Silent Treatment for three days – three days!  Then, the person you married moves out, taking their Quick Books and tax return files with them.

Oh, well.  Plenty more fish in the sea.


What do you think?

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