Mining for Doodle


They opened a new mine for Google Doodles last week.

Existing Google Doodle mines were in danger of depletion.  But no need to worry!  – there will be plenty Doodles coming out of the new mine.

Sure, Google Doodles are somewhat rare compared to some things, like Google Images.  But they are becoming more common.  Today alone – Sept. 16, 2013 – has three Google Doodles:  Mexico Independence Day 2013, Guatamala Independence Day 2013, and M. S. Subbulakshmi’s 97th Birthday.

Yesterday had four Google Doodles:  El Salvador Independence Day 2013, Costa Rica Independence Day 2013, Honduras Independence Day 2013 and Nicaragua Independence Day 2013.

Things are hopping in Central America!  – but production is definitely ramping up with the new mine.

[Where do Google Doodles really come from?  Here.]

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