Application for Time Traveler Tourist-Assistant Class

Backward Thinking

Dear Applicant,

This is to inform you your application for Time Traveler Tourist-Assistant Class is undergoing review.

You provided the following required documents:

  • personal birth certification
  • parents’ DNA
  • recommendation form from an individual with Time Traveler Guide-First Class credentials

The following required documentation has not yet been provided:

  • sponsorship form from a major corporate sponsor

As a reminder Time Traveler Tourist-Assistant Class are permitted time travel only within the individual’s lifetime.  Time Traveler Tourist-Assistant Class must be accompanied by a Time Traveler Guide-First Class with non-elapsed credentials.  Time Traveler Tourist-Assistant Class may only participate in the following activities:  observation and recording;  no communication verbal or written is permitted during time travel excursions.

Violation of the above regulations will result in termination of time travel privileges and memory back-dating to start of time travel.

Please notify us when you have submitted the completed documentation.  We look forward to your excursion with Time Travel Guides Inc.

Yours in time,

The Management

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