She sat by the pool all day.  Once she dipped her toe in the water, and it was as warm as the air.  She waited.

Late in the day the answer came to her query.

The sun rises over the Superstition Mountains.
Go to Weaver’s Needle.
Recite the Lord’s Prayer in reverse at noon.

The next day she hired a car and drove out east of Phoenix to Gold Canyon. She let the car go back to Phoenix and started walking into the Superstitions. She thought of black cats and Friday the 13th and broken mirrors and lucky pennies.  She thought of the number 3.

The sun rose high in the east and the shadows grew shorter until they were invisible.

Evil from us deliver but
Temptation into not us lead
Debtors our forgiven have also we as
Bread daily our day this us give
Heaven in is it as earth on
Done be will your
Come kingdom your
Name your be hallowed
Heaven in Father our.

When the wind came up, she rose and flew to the peaks of the Superstitions.

What do you think?

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