A long weekend to get married

Stars and stripes
I Pledge Allegiance

He joined the Marines to be in the Special Forces.

He grew up in Montana on a ranch.  He had two brothers.  His older brother enlisted with him.  His brother’s out now, served six years and went back home.  He stayed in the Marines.

He had a sweetheart in his home town.  They are engaged to be married.  The wedding is next summer.

He is on his way to upstate New York for language school.  He learns Pashtun.

Afghanistan is his next tour.  He is on a crack team in Special Forces.  He took a couple tries to make the cut, but he’s a solid member of the team.  The team know each other inside and out, they watch each other’s backs.

He gets shore leave after the language school.  A long weekend to get married in Montana in June.  His wife — now his sweetheart — will move back with him to the Marine Base he’s stationed at in California.

Before he enlisted, he worked warehouse jobs in the Montana town.  His dad lost the ranch awhile back and now he’s a school teacher in town.  His mom does bookkeeping.

In his world, the team is everything.  In his world, there are imperatives.  In his world, he keeps the rest of the world safe.


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