Girl and dog

Cannon Beach beach
The sea became angry at the shore.  All the shore did, thought the sea angrily, was lie there.  The sea brought everything to the shore, shells and kelp and driftwood, and the shore just took it all.  The sea washed up on the shore day after night after day, bringing and taking away, and still the shore did nothing.

“What’s wrong with you!” raged the sea to the shore.  “I bring you all manner of things and you are silent.  Doesn’t anything matter to you?”

One night the sea brought a terrible storm to the beach.  It hurled huge logs, pieces of boats that had broken up, a portion of a dock that left Japan after a tsunami.  It pounded the shore with the curl of its immense blue-green waves.

It would destroy the shore.

In the morning, the shore was still there.  It was true it had lost some of its sand.  But it was there just the same.

The sea, exhausted after its long night of fury, rolled quietly in and out over the sand in continuous waves.

A small girl walking along the beach picked up a shell.

She was wearing a blue swim suit.  She ran along the beach with the shell, happy to show it to her parents.

A black dog ran behind her.

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