If we took a holiday


Dear Angela,

It was so generous of you to loan us your beach house in the San Juans. What a perfect setting for a family holiday over Labor Day!  The twins, Jon and Jesse loved body surfing in the waves and camping out on the beach.  There was that small incident with the campfire – bonfire, really – going slightly out of control.  The local fire department was so efficient!  If they hadn’t arrived so quickly, I’m sure that the damage would have gone beyond the front verandah of the house.  As it is, the smell of burnt wood is hardly noticeable from inside the house.

Amelia really enjoyed meeting new friends among the neighborhood teens.  We were astonished to discover the thriving music scene nearby.  Her enthusiasm was boundless – and I’m sure the police will dismiss that minor complaint by the neighbors on all three sides – the music didn’t go on until 3:00 am, only 2:30! and it can’t have been more than two nights in a row, not all week like they claimed.

Roger took up woodworking while we were here – what an inspiration your historic home has been!  The picturesque wood cornices along the eaves were a perfect way for him to practice his newly learned wood refinishing techniques.  There may be some small blemishes – you know how it is when learning a new skill – but they should blend in perfectly with the rest of the woodwork as soon as the sun and wind have a chance to weather the wood naturally.

Our dogs Sandy and Malone were completely at home in your lovely garden.  Fall is a perfect time to replant, and their talent for digging has put you well on your way!

Once again, thank you for a pleasant holiday!  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to repay the favor.  We will be in touch as soon as our stay in Barcelona is complete.  Roger is not sure of his immigration status now that his G1 visa application was rejected, and we are a bit short on cash; our little experiment in meth manufacturing last year was not altogether a success.  Luckily, we have family in Catalonia near the coast, and Spain is perfect this time of year.

All our best wishes for a wonderful Fall,

– Carmella

Lyric: third line of Madonna’s “Holiday”


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