A Favorite Pair of Shoes – reblog #cinderellamythmakers

vintage red shoesYou’ve been looking for a pair of shoes just like them.  They are red canvas Keds sneakers with white laces, and they are sitting on the shelf at Goodwill on the Ave, just like you’d hoped they would be.

You really need them to go with that retro outfit you found at Red Light Vintage Clothing next door.  A plaid pleated skirt, white button-up cap-sleeve cotton shirt, topped by a gray cardigan . . . and these red sneakers.  A perfect combination.

You take them down from the shelf.  Are they your size?  You flip up the tongue, peek at the label inside.  What size, what size?  The label is faded; it’s impossible to tell.

You hold the shoes up to your own shoes – they look suspiciously small.  Probably size 7’s.  You curse small feet.  You rue the feet of your family, the feet you have, the size 9’s.  You remember your grandmother always seemed to take pride in your family’s feet, “We have great under-standing!” she would say.  It sounded strange, and part of you felt family pride when she said it.  But on occasion you wish your feet weren’t quite so large.

Well.  You decide to try them on.  You slip out of your Doc Martens . . . and you try the red sneakers.

They fit.  Like Cinderella’s feet into the glass slipper, the right one fits, and the left one.  You feel the magical tingle of red Keds, like a bright summer day, along the soles of your feet.  You know your feet are the right size after all.  These are the shoes that will change your life.


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