Indie Market

 Old Watches

Procrastination had become a problem for Marcos Liu, an out-of-work artist who was just figuring where to find his next meal.  He didn’t care all that much about starving in the abstract, but when it came down to it, he liked food very much indeed.  Especially fine food.

It was just that he’d put off seeking work one too many weeks in a row, and now even the small commissions from the local art school that paid meagerly had dried up.  Hadn’t he been told often enough by his marketer-brother-in-law that he should be spending more time on marketing, less time on artistry?

But Marcos wasn’t a marketer.  He took up art only after his other prospects – notably in sales and IT – hadn’t panned out.  He had garnered a small following at craft fairs and the Portland Saturday Market.  But last year he had put everything on hold for a woman he loved, and when she dumped him he discovered he had procrastinated too long.

Well, this weekend was the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle.  He had started his first craft booth at Bumbershoot five years before.

Marcos called a couple of old friends and, despite the missing the application deadline by several weeks, by the end of the evening he had lined up a booth slot, thanks to a last-minute cancellation.

His luck was changing.

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