Hello Black Cat


I scheduled the body switch for Friday the 13th.  It was all in the contract – one full day of a complete sensory exchange, 24 hours of experiencing someone else’s life.  Friday the 13th seemed like a perfect day.

That’s when the trouble started.  Everything seemed fine at first.  I woke up after being put into the transfer apparatus, which was much like an MRI machine, complete with slide-in platform, thumping sound effects and everything.  I specifically stated in the contract I was to switch bodies with Felix.  Everything should have worked out perfectly.

But it was the Friday the 13th that threw things off – I realized that later.

They were supposed to keep Felix restrained after they made the switch.  They were supposed to sedate him, if necessary.  After all, there were certain risks, certain dangers, to be avoided.  A contract was necessary to make sure everything was done right.

As I said, something happened.  I woke up after the switch just as expected.  God, that day was impressive!  Sensory intensity I had never imagined.  A whole day of brand-new smells, textures, sights.  Acuity of hearing alone was phenomenal.  It was more intoxicating than I’d ever imagined.

Sure enough, at the 24-hour mark, the procedure reversal was activated; an automatic timed, no-interference reversal was a clause in the contract.  At the end of the transfer period, I was supposed to simply revert back to my original body, and Felix to his.

Except for one thing.  You can’t transfer back if your original body has been . . . damaged.  Which it was, in my case.  At first, it seemed like a wonderful no-cost extension to the contract.  I’d get to stay in Felix’s body for a few hours longer, maybe even another whole day.  Bliss!

But then . . . the bad news.

“We regret to inform you,” and

“Please standby for further updates,” and finally

“Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our control . . .”

The transfer became permanent after my own body had been disabled. You see, Felix had no capability of understanding what it would be like to be human.  A feline wouldn’t have known how to care for a human body, and  especially not when suddenly finding himself in possession of one.

It was Friday the 13th that did it.  I can tell you, if you see a black cat crossing your path, it is definitely bad luck.

It’s probably me.


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